Axor Citterio Elektronikarmatur

How to combine design,functionality and technology in an electronic mixer without one aspect coming at the expense of others?The solution developed by Axor: the infrared sensor integrated into the bottom of the water spout. This way,they do not interfere with the visual aspect of the exclusive designer mixer. At this point the activation of the sensor is even intuitive. Operating the mixer without touch is also more hygienic.Like all wash basin mixers from Axor,this one also features EcoSmart technology,which limits the water flow to 5 liters per minute – while still providing full functionality. Moreover, the sensor control system itself also produces savings in both water and energy: the electronic mixers from Axor have a short after-running interval of about 1–1.5 seconds. This ensures that water only flows when it is actually needed.


Public Design / Interior Design
Type of Product : 
Elektronik-Waschtischarmatur zur Wandmontage, Auslauf 220 mm
Year Market Entry: 
Hansgrohe SE
Hansgrohe SE
Hansgrohe SE
Antonio Citterio