Adidas Laces

living letters, turbocharged typography

the name “laces” has a metaphorical value, capturing what the building says about the networked communications of a globally active corporation – a market leader in the development of sports goods and apparel. movement is the essence of sport – and movement also defines the design language: turbocharged typography runs through the new adidas design centre. it is also reflected in the typeface of the signage system: fast and light, it leaps and bounds across walls and balustrades, its form vibrating and altering in the process.


Year of Publication: 
Corporate Architecture / Event
Type of Project: 
Orientierungssystem und interior design
Company Name: 
Büro Uebele Visuelle Kommunikation
Adidas AG
Publisher / Producer: 
Eicher Werkstätten
Carolin Himmel (Projektleitung), Andreas Uebele