Speedphone 100

The Speedphone 100 is the entry-level phone of new-generation IP-based cordless home phones. Thanks to HD Voice it achieves a significantly improved sound quality. This is enhanced in the design by the loudspeaker detail, with top-quality perforated sheet inserts.
The ergonomic shape, the clear design of the user interface and the central navigation key all make it very easy to use. The rounded shape curves nicely around the ear when in use and fits in the hand easily. The tapered back, combined with the flat charging unit, create an overall impression of being elegant and lightweight. The same uniform design as the Speedphone 500, square design elements and the Telekom corporate font as the brand signature elements create a formal reference to the new Telekom design language and are part of the “One Experience” for Telekom customers.


Computer / Telekommunikation
Type of Product : 
IP-basiertes, kabelloses Telefon
Year Market Entry: 
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutsche Telekom AG
Product Design Deutsche Telekom